Victoria Markus2

My husband and I went to Passakori as missionaries with EMS of ECWA. Our passion was to see souls come to the Lord. The salary was not impressive, but then we didn’t join EMS because the salary was attractive. We wanted to see the Lord do his work in lives.

With six children to feed and pay school fees, we found that farming helped us solve the problem of low salary. We ate well and our children attended the local school with all the other children in the village. And God helped us to see many come to Himself, including some Muslims from the village. It was a good and fruitful ministry.

But all this was frustrated when Fulani Jihadists attacked our village late last year. They killed so many of our Christian believers. During the attack, others tried to run to our house for safety. But unfortunately, we were the very top target because of our mission work. My husband told the children and me to find a way to escape through the bush. He hoped to join us with two other men. The house was attacked and all three of them were killed.  Our house was burned down, his motorcycle was stolen and our farmland and other properties were destroyed completely.

With almost nothing left, you might think that it’s a good excuse for this widow with six children to leave missionary work and maybe run back home to her family someplace else. But the children and I have used some of the burnt roofing materials to cover the house and are ready to continue the ministry that God gave to my husband and me.  My passion remains the same, to see the Lord do his work in lives, even in the lives of those who sought to destroy ours.

Our biggest need of the moment is for the children’s school fees to be paid and also for resources to return to farming.   Please join us in prayer that God will supply these needs.

Victoria Markus A Widow with 6 children
Passakori Village, Tarfan district of Southern Kaduna,  Kaduna State, Nigeria



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